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Starting a game

Starting a game on an iPhone

Select the type of game you want from the app's main screen:

  • One Player is a single player game against the AI.
  • Two Player is a two player game with a friend playing on the same device.
  • Online is a two player game with a friend or auto matched player online using Game Center.


Gameplay on an iPhone
  • It's your turn when your name is bolded.
  • To make a move simply tap / click a piece to select it, then tap / click a square to move it to. Note that the move will only be performed if it's legal.
  • Possible piece moves will be shown with blue square highlights when a piece is selected.
  • The previous move is shown by green square highlights.
  • When the king is in check the square will be highlighted red.
  • Captured pieces are displayed next to the capturing player with the score difference shown for the player currently in the lead.
  • Completed moves will be shown in the move list in Standard Algebraic Notation above the game board in Portrait or to the right in Landscape (iPad only). You can select a completed move from the move list to go back to that move.
  • In offline games, if enabled the timer for each player will countdown from the selected time limit while it's their turn until it reaches 0 where that player will lose the game.

Game actions

Game actions on an iPhone

The action toolbar provides a actions you can take during a game:

  • Edit settings during a game. Note that you cannot turn off the timer if it has already started.
  • Rotate the chess board at any time.
  • Suggest a move if you ever get stuck or need a hint.
  • Undo a move. You can undo all the way back to the start. Note that you cannot undo in online games.
  • Redo a previoulsy undone move. You can redo all undone moves. Note that you cannot redo in online games.

Game settings

Game settings on an iPhone
  • The countdown timer can be set to 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins or Unlimited (Off).
  • The AI difficulty can be set to Easy, Medium or Hard.
  • Highlight possible piece moves can be turned on and off. That is when you select a piece it will highlight all possible destination squares.
  • Board rotation can be turned on or off. When on the board will rotate after each move when playing a two player game.
  • Game sounds can be turned on or off. When on, sounds will be played for each move.

Dark mode

Dark mode on an iPhone
  • Available on macOS Mojave or later and iOS 13 or later.
  • On iOS, the app will switch between light and dark automatically.
  • Likewise on macOS, the app will switch automatically but you can also change the mode from the menu bar View > Appearance.

Get in contact

If you have any questions about the game or ideas on how to improve it, please email me.

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